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Skin issues... my story

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I struggled with eczema for many years. I remember my Mom putting some icky cream on my scalp when I was very young; luckily I outgrew it for years. My skin has always been incredibly dry but in my forties, I started to have these very dry patches that were extremely itchy. I remember the days of vicious cycles of itching and scratching, so bad that the only thing that stopped it was scratching til it bled. I went to several doctors and specialists trying to make it go away.

And then my Dad got cancer.

While I had struggled with eczema, my Dad had psoriasis. He did not have “flare ups” like advertised on TV, his psoriasis was constant. It covered over 70% of his body; it was almost unbearable on some days; he went to several doctors and specialists trying to make it go away.

Because of the severe psoriasis, he never saw the tumor until it was Stage 4. The psoriasis covered it completely that Dad never even knew there was a tumor. By the time he was diagnosed, it was Stage 4 with a very slim rate of survival. He insisted he was going to beat it, he was so strong and he fought like hell. But the chemo did not work and he passed away from the cancer.

I was so angry that I had not been able to save my father! I channeled that fury into working on something natural that would help people like me, like my Dad. I created the Druid Healing Salve and it is amazing! I use it daily and, whenever I get stressed and have a flare-up, I pay attention to that spot and use it more. I have not needed to visit a dermatologist since I created it.

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